Prawnik, Adwokat, Radca Prawny, Obsługa prawna firm, Gdańsk, Warszawa

Kancelaria Prawna, Upadłość konsumencka, Upadłość firmy, Windykacja należności, Gdańsk, Warszawa

Kancelaria prawna z biurami w Gdańsku, Gdyni i Warszawie

Lawyers in Poland | Law firm | Gdansk | Warsaw | Gdynia

Our firm provides representation before all levels of civil, administrative and criminal courts, as well as before various public auhtorities. Despite the fact that our offices are based in Gdansk, Gdynia, and Warsaw we undertake matters across the whole country. 

Property Law | Immigration Law | Business and Commercial Law

We also advise corporate and individual clients, negotiate and draft commercial and non-commercial agreements, pleadings and other formal documentation which is required either by courts or public bodies. We specialise in the following areas of Polish Law: Business and Commercial Law, Employment Law and Litigation, Civil Law and Civil Litigation (including Family Law and Testacy), Administrative Law, Debt Recovery, Intellectual Property Law, Property Law, Personal Injury Law, Immigration Law. We specialise in cross-jurisdictional matters, amongst other things related to trade between Polish and e.g. British or Spanish enterpreneurs (e.g. Polish Court has to apply English Law under default rules, or matters where the Parties have chosen Polish courts and Polish Law in their own agreements), as well as provide legal assistance to foreign nationals related to their personal affairs, investments or economic activity in Poland. 

Our team consists of dedicated lawyers (including Polish barristers and solicitors; „adwokat” or „radca prawny” with rights of audience before all courts, including the Polish Supreme Court or the Highest Administrative Court) with many years of experience in their field. Some of our lawyers possess higher.
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